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Monday, September 26, 2011

Faith, Passion and Peace

Have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever looked forward to something with great anticipation, only to watch it vanish away before coming to fruition?
We have.
Have you ever tried again, nerves and emotions on pins and needles, "Surely it won't happen again..." But it might. And sometimes it does.
It did.
"Are you guys excited about going to Uruguay?" We've heard it many times, and of course we say "Yes." But deep down, we've held out the full measure of excitement, holding our internal breath so that, just in case something else happens to prevent us from going, we won't reel quite as deeply.

Last week our "yes" changed to "yes!" Constant disappointment had dampened the freshness of our calling, but last week changed that. "Just because your calling is attacked does not mean that your calling is invalid. In fact, it's usually quite the opposite" (from a conference we attended in Atlanta last week). We believe again - Dad's got everything under control. In His timing, we'll leave on December 29.

Interesting how faith, passion, and peace are intermingled. Because our faith was restored, our passion increased. True passion is accompanied by deep peace.
Thanks, Father, for the adjustment in perspective.

Let's Go!


  1. Yes, Lord Jesus... how great the Lord is to parallel our paths... and give you insight that speaks into me as well... all of us... God's beautiful