La Rambla, Pocitos

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Naming uHull...

2 reasons:
1. We move a lot...
2. U-ruguay.

Pack. Travel. Unpack. Repeat.

As international workers preparing for long-term living in Uruguay, South America, our lives are full of transition - endings and beginnings.

Currently we are enjoying connecting with friends and family, and sharing with them much of the transformations of the past year. This has provided much opportunity for travel, causing our daughter to say, "Mom, we move like every day."

And so it goes....

We officially leave for language school in Costa Rica on December 29. We'll be there for 12 months. Upon arrival, our mental state will be like an out of range cell phone - constantly searching for a signal, and rapidly wearing out the battery. We trust that our Spanish will improve quickly as the year progresses.

Until departure, we'll continue to speak around the country, receive more training (in December), buy and pack what we'll need during the next four years (as well as get rid of the things we can't take with us).

Many have asked how to support us in Costa Rica and Uruguay,

To give toward our monthly support through the GCF, click here.

To support our outfit fund (which enables us to set up house), click here. You will need to enter our name (Jimmie Hull), and an account number (1-47300-35295). 

To support our vehicle fund, click here