La Rambla, Pocitos

Monday, December 26, 2011

So much to do, so little time

Looking at the next two days is overwhelming. If we were to try to do everything that we need and/or want to do (last minute details, last minute packing, focusing on saying goodbye well, we would be stressed for every minute of the next two days.

A quote from one of my (Timbrel's) favorite books helped me this morning as we prepared to leave Toccoa, GA (where we've been for the past week with my family). Being away from Minneola has been stressful in its own way, especially for the kids, but for us it has also been a break from all the crazy packing, details, and decisions. Now we're entering the packing zone again, and I feel the weight of "how will I get all this done?" returning.

Here's what Abba said:
"Your time and energy are limited; only I know how much of each you have...Instead of wasting so much energy longing for what is not, invest that energy into trusting Me...Trusting Me will draw you into My joyful Presence."

So, we have come to grips with the fact that not everything that "needs" to be done will get done, and we have already crossed a few things off of our list. We are asking Abba to help us accomplish the important things and to help us recognize and let go of the nonessential.

Because one day in His Presence is better than a thousand elsewhere.

Will you ask the Father to keep drawing us into His Presence, and to care for the details that need to happen? We continue to speak "Grace!" to the growing mountain of luggage that sits in our house - "Grace!" to its packing, "Grace!" to its transport to the airport, "Grace!" to its free passage to Costa Rica, "Grace!" to it's acceptance into Costa Rica, and "Grace!" to its unpacking in Costa Rica.

He is enough.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Rest of the Story...

I find that there is so much I want to share in a monthly newsletter, but there is never enough space.

So here's the rest of what I wanted to put in this month's newsletter, but didn't because I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with information.

We had a great time with Jimbo's side of the family in November. If you're friends with us on Facebook, you can see some great photos from a photo shoot we did.

K is doing really well going to her "class" every day! We are so thankful for this. She is blossoming in the wonderful kids' program that they have here in CO. Baby M is actually the one having a rough time in the "nursery"; we're not sure why. He is also not sleeping well at night. Please lift up his security and rest! Our oldest is loving the program, as we knew she would. She is like a sponge, soaking up all she can. She is excited about school in Costa Rica, but nervous about learning a new language.

Jimbo and I continue to process, process, process. The training we're doing now is definitely set up for that, dragging things out where we can see them and learn from them. So it's an emotionally full time, and a joyous time as well.

Our bags at home are....mostly....packed. It will be an interesting 3 days between Christmas in Georgia and departure for Costa Rica.

We have seen pictures of our house in Costa Rica! How exciting! It looks great.

Thanks for walking with us on this journey, for praying for us, for believing in us, for supporting us. We value each one of you.