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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Showers of Blessing

It's amazing how quickly life can dry up. Even in times of relatively low stress, even on days where I seem to avoid the major pitfalls that come my way, even when I manage to carve out time to interact with the Word Himself, there can be dryness.
I realized one day what was causing this. I was becoming a lake. Receiving (though sometimes in trickles, but receiving nonetheless), but not releasing. The environment that we are in for this year is not incredibly conducive for speaking into others' lives, yet both of us have spiritual gifts that are quite verbal. In order to use our giftings we need relationships - relationships that give us the freedom to release blessing.
We of course are involved in relationships. Here in Costa Rica we have each other, our kids, and some good friends from school. In the States we have our extended families, friends, and ministry partners (that would be many of you who are now reading this - thank you!).
In order to not shrivel up, we need opportunities to intentionally interact with others in ways that allow us to speak blessing, to intercede, to exhort, and to listen. When we walk in our gifting (what's yours, by the way?), we not only bless others, we also experience refreshing streams of blessing.
It is almost rainy season in Costa Rica. As the rains come, we long to be instruments of refreshing, to be parts of the body working together for the whole. Maybe you are a part of that process with us. Maybe you have an assignment to bless someone (it could be us!).
Without awareness of potential assignments, there is no action. This I have learned, and that is how I found myself becoming a lake. Feel free to remind me in two days, two weeks, two months, or two years of this truth. To quote the animated Robin Hood, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or forgetful." May we be so enflamed with His Presence that is it impossible to forget to pass it on.

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